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Skincare Memberships and Dysport Memberships in Glastonbury, CT

Touch of Glamour Medspa Memberships

At Touch Of Glamour, we believe that YOU are your best investment. That’s why we created our two membership programs: our Skincare Memberships and Dysport Memberships. Sign up as a member and save on your bundled treatments for glowing, glamourous, younger-looking skin all year long. 

All membership contracts are for 1 year of service, with no down payment upon signing-up!

Dysport Injections Membership

Dysport is an injectable treatment that can help you reduce or even eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and provides almost instant results that can last up to 5 months. With consistent touch-ups and small amounts of Dysport at a time, our clients achieve natural-looking, long-lasting results.

We offer Dysport Memberships in 3 different tiers, and even include discounted filler with your membership!

Dysport Memberships

Tier One ($75/month)

 – 1 area of Dysport every 4 months
– $50 off one syringe of filler

Tier Two ($149/month)

– 2 areas of Dysport every 4 months
– $100 off two syringes of filler

Tier Three ($200/month)

– 3 areas of Dysport every 4 months
– $150 off three syringes of filler

Skin Memberships

We’re making it easier than ever for you to have beautiful, radiant skin all year long!

We’re happy to introduce our brand-new Skin Care Memberships, with 3 different tiers allowing you to pick the plan that’s best suited for your specific needs

Oh, hello skin!
Tier One ($150/month)

Hydro Jelly Mask
Basic Facial
Brightening Mask
B12 Shots
ZO Cleanser and Toner

Look @ that skin!
Tier Two ($300/month)

Upgraded Facials x 3
Hydrafacials x 3
B12 Shots x 3
IPL Treatments x 3
Microneedling (w/PRP for only $100!)

The Game Changer
Tier Three ($450/month)

RF Microneedling Treatments x 3
Hydrafacials x 3
IPL Treatments x 3
PRX Biofacials x 3

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2. Our licensed medical professionals will then call the phone number you had provided to schedule your appointment.

3. Once your appointment is scheduled, we will then send you updates on your upcoming appointment.