Weight loss injections, now available at Touch of Glamour in Glastonbury, CT

Weight loss injections

For patients looking for healthy weight loss solutions that are fast and effective, medical weight loss injections can be a great option. Book a consultation today to get started on your weight loss journey!

How do weight loss injections work?

Active ingredients in weight loss injections mimic natural hormones in your body which reduce blood sugar spikes following meals and minimize your appetite. This effectively lowers your blood sugar and offers several other anti-aging benefits, ultimately making you lose weight. 

Weight Loss Injection Pricing

Initial appointment

$200, includes medical consultation

Weekly appointments

$150 per appointment

Weight loss injections frequently asked questions

Are weight loss injections safe?

When administered and monitored by a professional, weight loss injections are a safe and effective treatment for losing weight.

Weight loss injections are FDA approved for overweight and obese individuals, and for individuals with a weight-related condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol. Schedule a consultation if you’re curious about weight loss injections or want to know if they’re right for you!

How often are shots needed for weight loss?

Injections are administered once per week at our medpsa in Glatonbury, CT. An initial medical consultation is required and included with your first appointment. 

How much weight can you lose with medical weight loss injections?

In a double-blind clinical trial, participants lost on average 14.9% of their body weight, which was about 12% more than the control group. The amount of weight you lose is determined by your initial weight, and your body’s response to the treatment, and is best accelerated with proper diet and exercise. 

Are weight loss injections covered by insurance?

Our weight loss injections are not covered by insurance. 

Does the weight come back once you stop injections?

Once you’ve reached your target weight or are no longer seeing significant weight loss with regular injections, your focus should shift to weight maintenance. There is no chemical change when stopping treatment that will promote weight gain, but it’s always possible for weight to fluctuate following any weight loss treatment, diet, or weight loss regimen. 

Speak with our team to explore maintenance options, and understand how to keep the weight off once your treatment concludes.

Will weight loss injections make my face change?

Rapid weight loss can contribute to loss of facial volume, especially in the cheeks and under-eye regions. 

Any weight loss, whether it’s brought on by diet, exercise, or medication can cause fluctuations in facial volume. Treatments such as Microneedling or Dermal Fillers can be used to give structure back to the face and tighten skin following weight loss. 

Are weight loss injections the same as...?

There are several popular brands for weight loss injections on the market, most of which use the same active ingredient. For more information about Touch of Glamour’s weight loss injections and to discuss the safety and effectiveness of ingredients for you, get in touch!

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